Retirement and exit planning
We have the experience to ensure you realise the maximum value for your business.

The process starts right from the day we start acting for you, we will talk about your plans for your exit strategy and work with you to build the business structure and the give ideas to help the business be in exactly the right shape to sell.

This exit may be way of a Trade Sale, MBO or BIMBO, we have worked with clients in all these areas an many others and have negotiated excellent deals for our clients.

We will give specialist tax advice on the sale structure to ensure you retain as much a the sale proceeds as possible.

It doesn't stop there though, we have specialist IFAs who we will introduce you to who can understand you retirement needs and make investments accordingly, we still work with our clients after a sale, giving tax advice and often introducing new business opportunities.

If you think your business would benefit from any of these services contact one of our directors to arrange an appointment for your FREE Consultation. Get in touch here

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